Beverage Stations for Weddings


Couples are getting creative when it comes to styling what their guests are sippin’ on. Beverage bars offer a way to display your drink options while adding to the decor and encouraging interaction among guests. We garnish our displays with beautiful signs, whimsical straws, and antique apothecary jars and pitchers. Now this is a  recipe for success!  We provide an array of flavored beverage bars that are guaranteed to go down smooth.

ENTERTAINING TIPS: How Many Cocktail Napkins to Order

Entertaining Tips Cocktail NapkinsHi everyone, here’s a quick entertaining tip for you. Ever wonder how many cocktail napkins to order for a party? Two napkins per guest is a good starting point for parties and receptions that last less than two hours. For parties longer than two hours, three to four napkins per person are recommended. Cheers!

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